About Me And My Feet

Hi and Welcome to Sore Feet Remedies.  My name is Gaelene.  And I love my bare feet.  Every now and then I sit and look at them marvelling at how I can wiggle my toes.  Is that daft or what?

Of course, my feet they aren’t quite as cute as they used to be when I was a baby.  Soft, warm, pink and kissable.  At least that’s what my mother assures me.

These days I need moisturisers to combat the dry flakey skin and herbal creams to help repair the cracks that tend to turn up on my heels.  But they still get me from A to B.  So in my eyes, they are a marvel.

Small Town Feet

I’m a baby boomer born in the early 60’s in small town New Zealand. As a young Kiwi, running barefoot all day every day was just something we did back then.  Oh those were the days.​

The only time I recall having to wear shoes was on those occassions when my parents expected me to dress in my Sunday best.​  And when I started high school black shoes were part of our uniform.  But as soon as I got home my shoes were kicked off to join the pile my brothers had created at the back door.  (Being older, they almost always beat me home!)

My feet never gave me issues in my youth.  For that I am extremely grateful.

Cracked Heels and And Sporty Feet

My husband was the first person I knew who suffered horribly from dry feet and painful cracked heels.  He would often ask me to rub cream into his heels or massage his aching feet.  Of course I would.  The things we do for love, right?  But I couldn’t understand why he had such terrible problems with his feet.  What on earth was he doing to have such dry skin and raspy, painful cracked heels?

We were both active sports people back in the day.  He played tennis in the summer and rugby in the winter.  I loved running and swimming and would compete in a summer series of sprint triathlons each year.  My job as a postie meant that I worked outdoors six days a week and I loved it.  It kept me very fit and, as a bonus, New Balance running shoes came free as part of the job.  I didn’t have to pay for my own shoes for almost six years!  But all that time my feet never failed me.

Sore Feet Are No Joke. 

It wasn’t until a few years later when I suffered painful arches after buying the wrong pair of shoes that I realised just how debilitating sore feet can be.  Every. Single. Step. Hurt.

I ended up buying different running shoes (I went back to New Balance) and the problem corrected itself fairly quickly.  From that point on I was very careful with my sport shoe selections.  And I had a new perspective on just how much pain my husband was in when he complained of his sore heels.

Unsightly Cracked Pads

Since my issue with sore arches, and given my husbands ongoing problems, you would think I would have started wrapping my feet in cotton wool to keep them in good condition.  But the arrogance of youth, and the denial of advanicing years, meant that wasn’t quite my approach.

I couldn’t believe it when one night the unthinkable happened – the pads of my feet rasped on the sheets.

Picking up my feet to look at them, I was horrified.  There were cracks all over both pads, and my heels were dry and small cracks were forming. Fortunately they weren’t painful, but neither were they pretty.

It occurred to me then that I had been ignoring my feet.  Just expecting them to keep me walking without investing the time necessary to actually look after them.  Indulging them so they felt loved.  Caring for them out of appreciation for what they had been doing for me all these years.

Is it perhaps time to face the fact that my cute feet have got up and walked out the door!

Treat Your Feet

My husband has tried numerous products to repair his soles and get relief.  I have been looking at why I have suddenly started to get cracked heels.  And of course I’m looking at all the treatments and remedies available in an attempt to return them to the pristine condition they used to be in.

This blog is the results of my research.

I hope you find it useful for your foot care issues.


All the best,